Monthly Meetings

We regret that the following monthly meetings have been
due to the coronavirus situation.

April, Wednesday 8th
“Helping the Honey Bee”
Darren Lerigo

June, Wednesday 10th
“Bonsai Tree Cultivation”
Clive McIntyre

“100 Great Plants for your Garden”
Tom Brown
Wednesday 11th March
Preceded by the Spring Flower Competition

Tom’s talk was centred on his choice of plants to enhance the garden for each month of the year. Illustrated by superb photographs, they were based on his time as Head Gardener at Parham, before he moved to become Head Gardener at West Dean Gardens last year.
Click for a list of plants from Tom’s talk:
100 Great Plants for your Garden
Tom then outlined some of the projects that are planned, or already under way, at West Dean Gardens and rounded off an inspiring evening by handling members’ questions with aplomb.


“Dahlias”Nick Gilbert

Nick gave an excellent talk – he knows dahlias very well from his own  experience & communicates this very effectively.
He has appeared on Gardeners’ World, in the national press and on Gardeners’ Question Time.
Together with his wife he runs  Gilberts Nursery, near Romsey, that specialises in dahlias.

He showed examples of the various dahlia classifications and explained all aspects of growing dahlias successfully.
They grow over 400 varieties of dahlia on the production field next to the nursery, which can be viewed from July to October, and also hybridise to get their own new dahlia varieties.
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“Fuchsias”Derek Dexter

2019 ended on a high note – members who braved a miserable December night were rewarded with an excellent talk, their attention held by Derek’s knowledge and love of fuchsias and his sense of humour.
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He gave detailed, clear advice on growing good fuchsias proven from his own experience and certainly transferred some of his enthusiasm for fuchsias to his audience.

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Derek has made his back garden & greenhouse into a mini-nursery where he can indulge his passion for fuchsias, even creating his own hybrids. In spring 30,000 cuttings fill the Tardis-like poly-tunnel he erects inside his greenhouse to maximise heat conservation.
From this very small area he produces show dahlias to compete with success against the “big boys” at national shows, his many prizes including silver-gilt at RHS Hampden Court.

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‘Why Do Foxgloves Have No Smell’
Alan Edmondson of Bowercot Garden Design

Alan’s very informative talk, covered the reasons why flowers have fragrance (or not).
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Basically flowers use fragrance to ensure they are pollinated, to produce seed needed for reproduction, the plant’s overriding objective

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Foxgloves attract bumble bees with the shape & colour of their flowers without needing smell. Alan used his background in chemistry to explain how fragrance is produced.
His very good presentation was complemented by excellent visuals.

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“A Sub-tropical Garden in Fareham”Jayne McBride
Jayne gave an inspired talk on her garden with its 4 climatic zones packed full of exotic looking plants, many from New Zealand and Australia; it is amazing that a garden of its size can contain quite so much;

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the dense planting certainly helps convey the sub-tropical feel. She is always fine-tuning plant combinations in the different “climatic zones” to give the best effect. Her knowledge and passion have clearly been accompanied by a great deal of hard work. The results are truly remarkable.

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Leonardslee Gardens
Wednesday 6th May

Click for Leonardslee website

We regret that this visit has been
due to the coronavirus situationl
Paid tickets will be refunded

Sunday 10th May

We regret that this has been
due to the coronavirus situation

Due to the cancellation of the

we shall not be able to welcome you to the Plant Stall this year.

We were hoping to emulate last year’s record sales click above in support of Lavant community organisations.
We’ll see you there in 2021!

Lavant Christmas Fayre
Saturday 23rd November 2019

Lavant Memorial Hall was resplendent in its festive decorations; the LHS stand, with its Christmas plants, added another splash of colour to this community event.

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