Autumn Flower Competition

Wednesday 11th October
Immediately preceding the October meeting

In spite of the challenges of the weather, the number and quality of the entries was still in line with those of the past few years. Although many dahlias will have been affected by high winds and heavy rain, the entries equalled the highest number of recent years whilst maintaining a high standard.
The Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers and Flower Arrangement classes showcased the wonderful variety of form and colour of autumn flowers.

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Saturday 5th August

In spite of this summer’s climatic challenges there was a significant increase in entries compared with last year. The number of people putting in entries also rose, including new members and local residents.
The lovely displays of the exhibits inside the Memorial Hall were a happy contrast to the rain outside.

The weather did not put off visitors, who came in large numbers to enjoy the Show and also the tea /coffee and delicious home-made cake that was available.
Most importantly, everyone appeared to be having a good time at this event for the whole community.

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Mike Kingsford won first prize in half of all the vegetable and fruit classes. In the flowers section he still had an impressive lead, but Beryl Starkey made up a lot of ground.
Winning all 4 horticultural trophies, Mike also won the cup for the most points in the Show by a good margin, with Beryl second.

Many of the entrants shared in the prizes, with over half getting at least one first prize, and over 85% gaining a first, second or third.
Given the high standards, there were many good entries that did not win a prize but they nevertheless made important contributions to the quality and spectacle of the Show.

Flower Arrangements
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Beryl Starkey won the King-Jones Cup for the most points, with the other 5 exhibitors also sharing in the prizes.
The cup for the best exhibit in this section went to Suzy Clements.

Spring Flower Competition
Wednesday 8th March

As usual this year’s Spring Flower Competition took place immediately prior to the March meeting.

As many flowers are emerging late due to the prolonged cold spells, it was not surprising that entries were somewhat down on those of last year, with class for the vase of mixed garden flowers being particularly affected.
Nevertheless, the 48 exhibits entered by 14 members made a beautiful display.

The prize for the most points scored across the whole competition was won by Mike Kingsford, closely followed by Sue Jackson.