Lavant Horticultural Society’s history goes back over 70 years; it is still thriving, with some 140 members.

Live in Lavant, Summersdale or nearby?
Why not join Lavant Horticultural Society?

Even in these challenging times, you’ll still be able to enjoy a lively programme:

  • monthly meetings with interesting guest speakers;
  • supplemented by monthly ‘Hortitalk’ sessions, for members to get together to raise and discuss any topics to do with plants and gardening;
  • plus the return of our other events after lockdown, starting with the Annual Flower Show on 7th August

All meetings are being held online using Zoom,
until it becomes possible to hold normal meetings .
Not used to Zoom? Don’t worry – we’re happy to help.

All this for £7 per person for the year.
Meetings are then free of charge.
New members will find a warm welcome.

Interested? Just click the button below to send your details and our Membership Secretary, Margaret Rhodes, will contact you.

Annual General Meeting
held online 11
th November 2020

A good number of members tuned in to our first online meeting, which ran remarkably smoothly – our Secretary, Margaret Rhodes, having provided all members with all the AGM documents well in advance of the meeting.
Even members who were unable to take part in the Zoom meeting were still able to vote on the proposals.

The 3 officers of the Society, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, all stood for re-election and were returned unanimously.

The Chairman thanked Patricia Riches, who stood down from the Committee, for the positive contribution she has made to the Society.
The other Committee members offered to serve for another year and were all re-elected unanimously.

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Given that the coronavirus situation forced the cancellation of so much of this year’s programme, it was agreed that existing members will have their membership extended until the end of 2021 without any further payment (although any donations would be welcome).
For new members, the annual subscription for 2021 will be £7 per person (no change from 2020).

The monthly meetings will continue on Zoom for the time being and this will be kept under review as the coronavirus situation develops. Speakers with Zoom presentations have already been confirmed for December, January and February.

  • The December meeting has been brought forward one week to Wednesday 2nd;
  • both January and February will be afternoon meetings at 2.30pm;
  • the Buffet Supper is being moved to July to take advantage of the summer evening and, hopefully, by that time, the ability to actually meet together.

Informal Zoom Sessions:
The meeting welcomed Mike Kingsford’s proposal for some more informal Zoom sessions to be held between the monthly speaker meetings, for open discussions between members on any points of horticultural interest.
It was agreed that the first one would be held on Wednesday 25th November.

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Annual Buffet Supper
planned for Wednesday 14th July

Unfortunately, the delay of the final stage of lockdown easing mean that it was not possible to hold the Supper as planned.

It was replaced by a Zoom meeting with a talk Italy from Seed to Plate to whet our appetites

Last year’s Buffet Supper

Lavant Horticultural Society's Privacy Policy (GDPR-compliant)

In order to run our society efficiently, we collect personal information about our members and hold it electronically. This information is only used to manage the Society’s affairs and to communicate with members. It will never be sold or disclosed to any third party, unless required by court order.

Members are asked to confirm their personal contact information and to let the Membership Secretary know when it changes.  The information is held securely on the personal computer of the Membership Secretary, and may be shared with the Chairman.  It may also be shared with a Collector in relation to members on their Collection List and with the Show Secretary and/or Social Secretary.

If a member does not renew their membership for a period of two consecutive years, the Society will delete all that person’s personal information from the records.
A member or ex-member can at any time require the Society to remove all record of their membership from the file.

Adopted by the AGM held on 14th November 2018

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