Spring Flower Competition

Wed 8th March

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Pot up herbs, such as chives, mint, parsley and tarragon, if you have them growing outside, and bring them inside to grow on and use through the winter. A well lit kitchen window sill would be convenient.


Wednesday 28th February

The main feature of this Hortitalk was “Southern Hemisphere Delights”, a presentation of photos taken by Sue Jackson and Suzy Clements on their recent stays in South Australia and South Africa respectively. The sun and warmth portrayed in these photos was a welcome respite from the rain, wind and frosts we have been experiencing here

Western Australia

The photos were taken in the environs of Perth, where Sue was staying with her daughter. The weather was very hot, 35-40oC, with no rain at all. In spite of the ubiquitous Eucalyptus gum trees and resilient conifers, such as the Norfolk Island pine, still create a green landscape.

  1. A boab tree, with the city of Perth and the Swan River in the background.
  2. From same point, but looking inland.
  3. no comment needed.
  4. Gum tree, about 60ft tall, in Sue’s daughter’s garden.
  5. Shadows of the eucalyptus.
  6. Water in spite of the draught.
  7. Eucaluptus shedding their bark.

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Western Australia

South Africa

All of the photos were taken in the Stellenbosch Botanic Gardens, part of Stellenbosch University.

  1. Lotus flower seed pods and leaves.
  2. Cyphostemma juttae Wild grape.
    A succulent from Namibia. Sought after as a container plant. Grows up to two metres.
  3. Bow tie vine: Dalechampia aristolochiifolia.
    Also called the Costa Rican butterfly vine. Origin South America. Silk like petals.
  4. Etlingera elatior: Torch Ginger. 3 stages of flower development: initial bud.
  5. Half open flower.
  6. Fully open flower head. 4ft tall.
  7. Cattleya orchid.
  8. Stenoglottis woodii orchid with tiny flowers.
  9. Mystacidium venosum.
    Miniature epiphytic orchid – stems 10 to 15mm long. Native of the Eastern Cape.

The last six photos also show some hanging Spanish moss Tillandsia usneoides.