Saturday 6th August
Lavant Memorial Hall

This year’s Show Schedule is now here. Just click the button below.

Please read this Show Schedule carefully, as there are several important changes , both in the Rules and in some of the Classes.

Make the most of your entries with
these updated help sheets:

Tying onions, garlic and shallots

You don't have to tie the necks of onions, garlic and shallots with raffia, as it is not required in the Show Schedule.

However, it does improve their presentation.
Click below to see how you can do it quite easily, even if you've never done it before:

How to tie onions with raffia

Don't be put off by the size of the onion shown - this is well outside the max. weight of 250 g allowed in our onion class. However, the way of tying the neck with raffia is still relevant.

As usual, this Show is an event for the whole community.

Entries are welcome not only from members, but also from any resident of Lavant or Summersdale, as well as any Lavant allotment holder.

Moreover, their children or grandchildren aged 5-15 can submit entries, no matter where they live, as can any pupil of Lavant Primary School and any member of Lavant Junior Church or Youth Group (under 16s).

So with the growing season well under way, you can start planning what you will be entering.

Dust off your cameras (or smart phones or tablets) for your entries for the 3 Photographic Classes:

  • The Footpath
  • Celebration
  • Anybody at home?

Look back at last year’s Annual Flower Show.


Just a quick overview.


Just some of the 20 vegetable classes.

Home Produce

A few of the 16 classes.


A record number of entries with excellent exhibits – one positive outcome of lockdown, perhaps. Here are a selection.

Spring Flower Competition
Wednesday 9th March

After the online competition in 2020, this year’s Spring Flower Competition reverted to its traditional format, with members  bringing their entries to the Hall immediately prior to the March meeting.

Entries totalled 52, which compared well with previous years, except for last year’s virtual event and the remarkably high levels of 2020. Both the Mixed Garden Flowers and Miniature Flower Arrangement classes recorded their highest number of entries.

The first prizes for the 10 classes were spread among seven different members. The first place with the most points across the whole Competition was shared by Marilyn Hart and Mike Kingsford.

Autumn Flower Competition
Wednesday 13th October 2021

By far the largest number of entries in recent years provided a glorious display at the Autumn Flower Competition. It was encouraging to see a good number of members submitting entries, some for the first time.
This was reflected in the spread of prize winners, with the 10 first prizes being split amongst 8 different entrants.

In spite of the damage caused by winds and heavy rain, the number of dahlia entries was roughly in line with recent years. There was an increase in the entries for the Autumn Flower Arrangement, but most impressive was the Vase of Garden Flowers class (from members’ own gardens) with about twice the number of entries of recent years (you’ll see that it needed two photos to cover them).