Spring Flower Competition
Wednesday 11th March 2020
As usual, the Spring Flower Competition will take place immediately before the March meeting. The Hall will open at 6.30 pmlfor Members to bring their entries. There is no prior registration, just bring your entries along on the evening and go to the check-in desk – your entries will be registered and you will be given your entry cards to put with your entries on the show tables.
All entries must be in place by 7.00 pm,I
ready for the judging to start. The judge will be our speaker, Tom Brown, Head Gardener at West Dean Gardens.

You can find details of the classes on your Membership Card – if you can’t lay your hands on it, just click below:

Last year’s competition was really competitive, with the First Prizes of the 10 classes being spread over 8 different winners.
The overall winner was Eileen Morris

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Autumn Flower Competition
Wednesday 9th October 2019

The numbers of entries in the dahlia classes were down due to the weather.
However, there were plenty of good entries in the Vase of Garden Flowers class and the Autumn Flower Arrangements were particularly impressive.

Wednesday 9th October 2019

The overall winner with the most points in the Competition was Michael Kingsford.

Some of the entries

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Saturday 3rd August

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This year’s Show was the biggest anyone can remember, with a glorious array of exhibits filling the Hall.
It attracted a very large number of visitors. The café area & the marquee on the green were full of people chatting whilst enjoying the delicious home-made cake.
2018 saw a record number of individual entries at 416. However, this year they rose dramatically to 477.
The quality of exhibits was also high, with judges commending the high standards of the Show.

Winning Photos
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The number of exhibits in the Flower Arrangement classes was double last year’s – talks by Lyn Constable and Sarah Newman had clearly inspired many.
Hilary Osgood excelled, winning 3 firsts, a 2nd and a 3rd over the 5 classes.

Of the record number of 58 exhibitors, 31 won a first prize in at least one class, whilst 48 won a first, second or third prize.
In spite of the greater competition & wide spread of prize-winners, Michael Kingsford still excelled: not only did he win the trophies for most points in the Show overall, in the Vegetable & Fruit classes and in the Flower classes, but the number of points he accumulated in each of these three categories was twice that of the exhibitor in second place.

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