Notes from talks
given at previous monthly meetings

New Plants – the Future for your Garden
Graham Spencer, March 2021

Alstroemeria & other UK cut flowers
Ben Cross, February 2021

Helping the Honey Bee
Darren Lerigo, January 2021

Creating a Garden for every Season
Adam Pascoe, December 2020

100 Great Plants for your Garden
Tom Brown, March 2020

Nick Gilbert, January 2020

Derek Dexter, December 2020

Why do Foxgloves have No Smell
Alan Edmundson, October 2019

The Garden in Autumn
Patricia Elkington, October 2018

Grow Better Sweet Peas
Roger Parsons, January 2018

Aster amellus, friends & family
Monica Lucas, September 2017

Roses with a Twist
Roger Hirons, June 2017

Container Planting (with bulbs)
Tim Woodland, March 2017

Garden Photography
Mark Saunders, October 2016

Preparing for the Show
Barry Newman, June 2016

Planting with Trees
Andy McIndoe, October 2016

The Modern Kitchen Garden
Barry Newman, December 2015

Autumn Plants
Rosy Hardy, October 2015